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[SUGGESTION] Guild Commendation Currency Conversion

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As other threads have pointed out people are interested in more guild content. That may come in the form of new missions, new goals, new weekly, new halls, GvG and the like. On the other end of that there is also the interest in people running missions. Some guild members may not be as interested in guild missions since they feel that there is not much they are interested in from commendation vendor to buy with their commendations. So what I propose is to add to the vendor some material exchange tabs. Allow people to convert their commendations into other currencies/materials that may assist their in game goals. Exchange commendations for: map currencies (geodes, unbound, & volatile magic), map materials (fire orchid blossoms, orrian pearls, kralkatite Ore), map keys (crowbars, machetes, shovels), to other game mode currencies (pvp tickets, wvw tickets, laurels), to even low BL convenience items (instate bank access, instant trading post, repair kits, extractors, keys). The merchant have access to what it has is good but additions could provide even more incentive. Tie that change into new guild goals, be that missions or weekly tiered achievements, as well and you have more content that bring people together to do things.

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