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Ban the switching of characters

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Seriously! I've found another issue with 2v2. Switching. WHY do people insist on being stupid and switching during the match or close to the start of it?! The match countdown is shorter than in conquest. By the time the person logs back in, the other person is already in the match going 1v2 or about to lose!

Seriously, just ban that nonsense! Don't allow people to switch! It's 2v2, the character you get is the character you get for the match. PERIOD.

I've been on too many of these situations ever since the inauguration of 2v2, 5 times. The other person decides to switch and I get to face both players by myself...

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I agree. It's a broken, scuffed feature that needs to go.

Switching up builds before rounds/matches is fine, but changing your entire class gives people a dumb out of game advantage.

If it absolutely has to be there, at least give it some sort of UI/menu. There is no indication in the UI or anything that tells people they can even class swap. To anyone that doesn't know how it works, it looks like you're just disconnecting from the match.

Also dumb; the idea of winning a scuffed metagame rock, paper, scissors pre-match counterpick competition because one person has the game loaded onto an SSD and the other doesn't. Like; since I have GFN, I could easily spam counterpicks and load in before anyone on the other team has time to react. ?And the DuoQ's who stack a certain class to increase their odds of being matched against it, then swapping to a counter for said class immediately after. ???

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I'd prefer it it actually was possible ... but in a much easier way. Like a real "loadout" screen in some shooter games it should show all the equipment/build templates in one screen and euipment + build (skills, trais) linked to each other so you could just switch with 1 click between your "bunker scrapper " or "condition necro" or whatever build you saved.

Don't know how much more computer resources it would require. I guess certain stuff always is already loaded or quick to load (the visuals for the different chars when switching) so I guess it ist mainly a problem of creating such a system. (I guess it would not be that east/fast to program ist for the devs.)

I already sometimes forget to switch my weapon on my engineer when I play Scrapper in PvE and the skills/traits for PvE switch to my core engineer build while I manually need to change to rifle. (Luckily we now have 2 weapon sets. Just 1 click additionally there, but I sometimes forgot ... and playing core engineer with hammer is not fun with 1-5 weapon skills disabled not being able to change when match is running. :D)

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