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(Suggestions) My Two Cents on what I’d like to see and general thoughts!

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(Suggestions) My Two Cents on what I’d like to see!

OK so hey, this is me someone who doesn’t regularly post on the forums, so I’ll be straight up and upright in stating that there is a chance I won’t track my own thread :P, not for very long anyway. However, I’ve been playing Guild Wars as far back as Guild Wars EoTN Release and honestly, I’ve been one who loves yet happily criticises the series, and after all this time I’d really like to contribute a few things. This post will indeed touch on a few dead horses as well as some other aspects of the game, some of which may already be in discussion and as such if they are please feel free to reference those posts her and keep the discussion moving because in all honesty I really want this game to continue growing to its greatest potential. Something will sit well with me that may not with others equally I feel some extra contribution is essential for this to happen especially on the topics I hope to cover.

I’ll include a list of the topics I hope to cover / suggest below and hopefully this will be structured enough for people to cover, I will also try and beat the dead horses I am aware of first simply because (and no offence to those of you who disagree with this statement) if you want to see something, you must keep trying to find a way of getting it that works for everyone, walking away from it doesn’t solve the problem because people will honestly still have it in their minds. So, let us begin!

Topics I hope to cover include:• Dungeons, there return and place within the game.• Central Tyria, its ever changing and Living place in the game.• Specialisations, should we have a vanilla one? What form would it take?• The Mastery System, a few extra things for those who want to do them.• Guild Halls, a few extra features that would be nice!• Guild Missions, a few extra ones that would be appreciated!• Guild World Events, where have they gone? Are they an abandoned concept?• Underwater Combat, is it really that bad? Or just not developed/ refined enough?• Miscellaneous subjects I can’t really fit into groups

Now each of these topics will have sub sections in each one so if I can structure this well I will be able to keep them separate all being well though they also tie together and hopefully lead to a bigger picture. Please remember that not all my thoughts are fully developed here and as such they could VERY easily be improved upon when done so constructively and as such if we are to get them in any for in game it would be VERY much appreciated that you give your HONEST and constructive opinions on the below sections.

I would appreciate for the sake of clarity that when you comment or respond to each section you simply state which bits you are referring too even if it seems obvious just for the sake of keeping everyone on the same page?. And yes, I do realise that my suggestions are not straight up and are interpretable, but I want to keep them that way, I feel it will make for better discussions as people pull out of the hat so to speak.

Dungeons, there return and place in the game!

So let’s get this out of the way, this is a dead horse in some regards, as far as I am aware ArenaNet is not looking at these much beyond trying to keep them functional within the game. In all honesty, I feel this was an understandable yet regrettable move. Now you can ask the obvious question of why and you will get an opinion from me which is voiced by many others. To put it simply, they are a VERY large part of the game, for better or worse they are there and you cannot pretend they should not be, nor that they are an outdated concept that needs no further attention.

I am very sure that ArenaNet would agree in saying that they would LIKE to see them return and be a bigger part of the game but the question is HOW do we get there, and I think it’s a lot simpler than we realise or want it to be. For those of you that MAY not be in the group that agree with me please just hear me out, I only ask for this and nothing more, if you think this won’t go anywhere that’s fine, but honestly it could do and as such it would be fantastic to get your input should that be the case.

So lets start with the obvious what are dungeons? Well back in the early stages of the games life cycle they were THE big thing, being broken down into two aspects, Story Dungeons and Explorable Dungeons, The Story version tying to your personal story while also being completely skippable (To the stories loss should you opt not to or not even realise they are there) and are an easier than their explorable counterparts. yet still enjoyable experience the first time you go through them, even showing a few things that may one day make more sense to us as the game grows (such as Warrior Rytlock using Pistol Offhand). The explorable versions of the dungeons are slightly harder and do not necessarily tie directly to your personal story but are nice side stories where you learn some more things about the world area or some other aspect of the lore.

In the games early life cycle dungeons were VERY rewarding, giving you tokens that give access to exotic gear, legendary components etc as well as a good amount of gold for the time. Now ArenaNet to the greatest of its ability continued to support dungeons for a good time, improving them, reworking them, adding to them, refining them, finally stopping sometime after the release of a brand new level 80 path that was Aetherblade path in Twilight Arbour, which even today is a very enjoyable path.

Now this is not to say dungeons were perfect they had lots of problems, Line of Sight tactics, bugs, event locks, Trash skipping, overpowered trash etc. I’m sure many will be able to give you a fair share of what’s wrong with them its very easy to do ^^.

What you cannot get around however is the fact that these dungeons all had one thing in common, they could all be done with essentially any gearset and any combination of professions, equally they could also be solo’d low manned etc for reasonable reward, while at the same time not having restrictions such as requiring Agony Resistance, taking away from the pickup and play aspects of them. Which I must be honest is my biggest reason for liking them over the current hard 5-member content that is Fractals. Don’t get me wrong here I think Fractals are great, I do however also think that they have issues that with clever design, could be made up for via well designed and structured dungeons. In essence I think you can’t have the best of both worlds, but what you can have is, well both worlds.

Now I am very much aware that as it stands there IS no Dungeon Development Team within ArenaNet and while I could easily be wrong however, I see no reason that between certain existing groups, we couldn’t have dungeons slowly returned to the games, we do after all have a lot of good teams now at ArenaNet working on raids and fractals and we have seen how collaboration has given us some wonderful challenges in both fractals and raid aspects.

Would it really be so unheard of for us to see this collaboration go that bit further and revitalise our much yet not fully neglected dungeons? Is there really no chance whatso ever that even the currently existing dungeons could not be refined to be more modern? With challenge motes being added? Existing mechanics being tweaked? all only really being restricted in the sense that the current dungeons would need to be reworked so they can be done without expansion content and nothing more. I mean I am not going to lie, I like the stories in there but if a tweak / retcon of certain things is required to make them more relevant again I will not complain. ArenaNet did say a good while ago they would like to look back at the Arah Story Mode after all so why not do so now? Heck if we want to why not even throw in some Easter eggs using the mastery system? Manipulate things so that we can finally get way of leading into a repeatable version / retelling of Season 1?

So I’ve put a most simple case above for saying is now the time to look back at dungeons and see if we think that now might finally be the time to look at the game and say, let’s put them back into the scope of the big picture, who knows where it could lead if people throw down a comment on what they think / would like to see done in this are of the game. Who know we might finally see the fabled “Henge of Denravi” dungeon that we thought may have once been intended to go in game!

Central Tyria, its ever changing and Living place in the game.

So central Tyria, the core of the game, the vanilla we should all hopefully know and love, the place Season 1 and Season 2 both had heavy impact in and to what felt like a much lesser extent in my opinion Season 3 also touched.

Which is essentially what I want to touch on, I had very mixed feelings about Season 3, and while I will own up to being a “Season 1 was best season person”, I also admit that also had plenty of flaws. What I mostly want to address however is that I honestly felt like Season 3, didn’t really touch central Tyria that much, it moved, but it kind of didn’t at the same time, it was I dunno? A bit too subtle in certain areas? Equally it was a bit too? “Do the map” at times, I mean I think it’s great that we got new maps, I think it’s extremely good that hearts finally found a way to be interesting and not the drag they are in central Tyria just the second time around in some cases. As such I feel that I only have a few real suggestions of what I’d like to see for improvement in this regard because it’s difficult to do so when I’m obviously the observer in a series that I’m not writing.

So, I’ll start off with the more straightforward ones. Please make it a bit clearer which hearts I’ve already done if they going to reset daily, and please don’t force me to do it again the next day JUST to speak to the vendor, I appreciate its repeatable but I really don’t want to have to do it EVERY time, maybe once a week for the shop is an OK reset or a month maybe, but please not every day, it ruffles my jammies a bit too much when I’m going there constantly.

Now finally I’m going to say something that I expect everyone will want to have some input on and that’s the new masteries that we all have and how they relate to core Tyria, the question is simple. Do we have them integrated in bonus ways into existing maps? i.e. We like gliding in core Tyria, do we add updrafts for fun to certain places? Such as inside Mount Maelstrom for example so you can glide to the top from inside the volcano. Do we see if any of the existing maps can be merged into a bigger map? Now that we have both Mounts as well as the technology more available to us? What options does that further open up? Does it mean we can have say The Shatterer, be more of a pest in Ascalon? Given he can now not just fly around his current map, but can potentially also now fly south and terrorise Ebonhawk? I mean I think it would be a good idea, at least in concept, but obviously we have very big things to think about, for example is this fair on HOT only players? POF Only players? Free to Play players?

Well if I’m honest that depends how the tools are used. I see no reason you couldn’t have “temporary” or alternate ways of doing things should you come into these categories, be it some type of teleporter, speed boost, jump pad etc to account for what you may or may not have. Either way if done correctly it’s good for everyone, it lets people show off their gliders, mounts etc while not degrading the experience for those who do not have these things, perhaps even encouraging them to try the content out that leads to these things.Which leads nicely onto my next point I’d like people to see discussed here, should we have a central Tyria specialisation? What modern ideas would be nice to see in older maps? Adventures? Repeatable hearts?

Specialisations, should we have a vanilla one? What form would it take?

Now each expansion has its own specialisation, equally each expansion has its own thing in terms of its mastery system, SOME of this translates over to what was essentially the core game as well, as things currently Stand we have “Vanilla” masteries, “HoT” masteries and “PoF” masteries, all giving us things in some shape or form depending on what they fall under, as such I am going to pose the question of “should we have core Tyria specialisations” i.e. a unique specialisation that maybe we even consider F2P being able to sink their teeth into to try and get them into the concept of specialisations that come with the expansions.

Now you could simply ask why would I be saying this, well one reason is stated above, is a nice introduction to the concept, the other is even more simple, for those of us who have done full map completion, we have a LOT of hero points left over, more than enough for a specialisation to squeeze in! So the question then becomes, well what would the specialisations be?Now my suggestion is both simple and complex, it’s a rework of an idea that we really don’t get to see in the core game but is partially still already there, this would take the form of the “Racial” specialisation. In turning racial skills into a full on specialisation path, we can take this concept and make it both balanceable for all game modes such as PvE as well as encompass a somewhat more personalised playstyle potentially depending on how we want this to function. Now my ideal choice is probably the most complex and as such will never see the light of day, however I am going to put the idea forward anyway should it become a nice concept for something we get one day.

In my idea scenario the racial specialisation would be broken down amongst all playable races, one for Human, one for Charr etc Dervish (Human), Dirty Fighting (Charr), Dragon Magics (Sylvari), Magitech (Asura), Spirits of the Wild(Norn), just to give some suggestions on names.

Now each of these specialisations can be learned by any character, so a Human can learn Dirty Fighting for example, A Charr may learn Dervish teaching for the sake of battle advantage etc. each of these specialisations is unique to the profession / weight class the player using it has, for example a Fire Elementalist would be able to take Bear Form and Turn it into Fiery Bear form which they use instead of say? Fiery Great Sword? Now you may argue that this has Lore implications, truth be told I’m pretty confident it doesn’t, back in Eye of the North after all, our humans were using a version of bear form perfectly fine, fair enough we didn’t fully “Become the bear” but we never the less did do it, I don’t really see any reason we couldn’t have things like this now.

The main issue with my suggested specialisation is in the fact I just said “unique for each profession / weight class” meaning it would ultimately be 50 different tree’s due to each race plus profession, further they would also need to be powerful enough to compete with existing specialisations while only really improving on the core specialisation alongside adding racial features to the move set, now I will admit it would also be nice if these had weapons to go with them but given the complexity of the system I already gave I would be happy with JUST the above however it would be nice if this could be further refined to include some type of racial weapon which is one weapon in terms of the game, but is different depending on the specialisation, So if you equip it on Dervish you may use it as a Scythe for example whereas on a Charr it may be Claws or Brass Knuckles on a Norn etc

Now as I say I never expect this to see the light of day however I think the concept is a strong one and as such I would like to put it forwards, after all it also means that should we EVER get the luxury of something like a new playable race (TENGU IF IT IS PLEASE) we also get a bit more to look forward to in the specialisation that would come with it.So please, share some thoughts on it and discuss it please, I expect others have had similar thoughts and as such I expect to be told this a few times below, still give a comment regardless ^^.

The Mastery System, a few extra things for those who want to do them.

So the mastery system, we all should hopefully know what it is, and quite a few of us if your anything like me, have mastery points to spare. So I figured why not put this simple idea forward, after all while not the same, I think its nice to recall that MOX of GW1 was a cross campaign thing so why not have a nice system that takes our character and allows us to encompass all of what we have learned to make something new or improve our other abilities.

The idea where would be very simple, we take two existing masteries and we use what we know about them to improve our abilities, so for example we might take our Gliding updraft mastery and fuse it with our knowledge of Griffin riding, allowing us to use updrafts with the griffin, or alternatively we might take our ley line gliding and apply it to the Skimmer to have Ley line skimming and so on and so forth, now I can see some would see an obvious potential problem here. Does that mean I’d need Mastery points from HOT and POF, well I will be blunt YES, HOWEVER I would also say that these bonus’ are simply to add icing onto cake, they only let you do things that you could easily do without them, so yes I can use Spring Mushroom Jumping to jump insanely high, but it doesn’t really do much expect maybe skip 1 mushroom jump? Now again this concept is purely just that, a concept, I can see many potential flaws with it should it not be done correctly and as such if this idea gets looked at I would most certainly expect people to try and take advantage of the bonus’ they grab. But again, I emphasise they are purely meant to be there as tiny little sparks for growth and nothing more. After all it would be nice to be able to use those spare mastery points we may have, and if I do recall the Mastery system does need a bit of reworking, if only to make it more logical. But either way there we go, please share your thoughts on the concept at least, just try and stay within the boundaries I set, trying to keep it fair for those who may not necessarily own the content that allows these unlocks to be done.

Guild Halls, a few extra features that would be nice!

Now since HOT and POF we have had these lovely guild halls, which we decorate and sometimes hang around in, even if only to meet up for guild missions. Over the last few days I’ve been kind of thinking, what could guild halls benefit from? Well I thought of perhaps at least one extra nice thing one would like to see in a guild hall, it’s both a thought bought on by PoF as well as an old throwback to GW1 and that is the ability to create a menagerie. Now why would a guild want a menagerie, well honestly, I’d largely say just for the sake of having one, why not? I wouldn’t mind going into the guild hall and hanging around with some animals, especially if they are not cats! Some people would probably love this, if only because they enjoy wildlife and like observing the animals of Tyria, further this system could be expanded upon to become a little bit more, perhaps even serving a bit of the function of the original menagerie we got towards the end of GW1’s life cycle. The ability to store pets here, as well as potentially tame them from here. That is not to say you add a Moa bird and suddenly everyone can go the Guild Hall an tame a Moa bird, but more so, a few people will be able to tame a Moa bird depending on how many are currently in the menagerie. Now you may ask how would this work, well in all honesty I haven’t given it much thought, do we have rangers’ tame extra animals and donate them to the hall? Do we have extra little side things that are done instead and they are bred? Do we have some type of lab to accompany this that allows us to do what Ogres have always dreamed of and tame dragon minions (by the cleansing ritual ofc)? Or Charr mechanic to accompany it to build us machine beasts that will go with rangers into battle instead? Honestly, I’ll leave that up to discussions to decide because after all it must be fair, but you also still want a reason to go look for juveniles in the wild, further on top of this I have no idea how it would affect modes like sPvP where I assume pets are acquired differently, so that’s a big factor to consider. It is also worth noting though that this opens a lot of doors, one such example being a method for us to potentially tame creatures that we might otherwise deem untameable, again comment in a reply and say what you think ^^.

Guild Missions, a few extra ones that would be appreciated!

This session is simply going to be nice and short, let’s start with a simple question. How many guild events have we really seen be added since guild halls? Truth be told the answer is pretty much none. Indeed, the system was reworked and in some ways it’s a lot more accommodating, however at the same time it’s not really grown in terms of what guilds do together, yes we meetup, we may decorate, we may come together to claim the hall, but beyond what we did before what do we really do with it?

We don’t battle with it the way we did in GW1, equally we never have to defend it nor do we do any new missions as guilds, we do the same things we did before HOT, the same bounties, the same races, the same treks etc. Is there any chance of some new ones? Yes, it is arguably unfair again on some who don’t have the expansion but honestly just make a new category for them so that people who regretfully are left out (unless a compromise can be made) at least know when they are unable to join. Alternatively, like I said we find compromises, who’s to say we can’t let people sample new systems in guild missions. Why not have some form of mission that makes use of mounts and that lasso idea we see in the new maps, or an updraft race? I mean Dolyaks are moved around are they not and kept on farms etc? The Charr heard cattle, and wrangle siege devourers, why not use them there, providing the minimum to those who may need something to just participate even if it’s just getting put up onto a mount they must run over to for the event or even being given a glider that only works for the sake of the mission? What else do we have on offer? Well I’ve mentioned bounties, well the new PoF expansion has some bounties too, why not add some guild ones, even if it’s go kill one of those, just there is a twist because it’s a guild bounty? What else could we have here? I’ve mentioned dungeons and fractals etc? why not add those in some form to the list of things guilds can be rewarded for doing together? Or going and killing Tequatl or the Triple Trouble Wurm? Or the Chak Gerant (if this can be done reasonably). OK so people can argue that these are things people do anyway, but ultimately the idea of these missions is for people to do things together as a guild and doing these things as a guild is essentially still a good thing and shouldn’t be too much to ask for hopefully. Though I am sure others have ideas they would like to share so again please give them, let me know whether you’d like to see any of what I’ve mentioned as well, won’t do any harm after all ^^.

Guild World Events, where have they gone? Are they an abandoned concept?

We start with the same question, have we seen any of these since HoT? Well no, we have not! I must ask the straight up question. Why? We know that in some part it’s going to be because the first few maps we got that covered the HOT maps had timed Meta’s so it made sense to an extent, but that doesn’t hold true when it comes to season 3 maps. Yes they have map wide meta events, but theres not really been a big bad world boss meta added to the game even since PoF. Admittedly we have a few close ones that are like world bosses, but they are not exactly full on. We don’t have any Shadow Behemoths really, any new Tequatl’s, any new Shatterer’s, any new Fire Elementals. That’s before we even look at whether we have a new Triple Trouble. A new big bad world boss that we as a COMMUNITY must face off against, not just as a small raid squad (I enjoy raiding for all I say what I am if you happen to be wondering ^^) or fractal group, but as a collective, as the united races of Tyria! So is the idea abandoned, or are we looking at getting any new big bad in the future? Or anything for that matter that justifies our spawn guild world event beyond Tequatl, TT and Karka Queen?

Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying contents been bad at all, I just feel like it’s an aspect that’s been missing from the game of late, a core feature that should be present there for us to deal with, not only does it feel absent, it also begs the question of why was the option added when we barely get to use it now? We want to be together and united, and yes we may squabble among ourselves, but ultimately as these two previous examples have shown, when Guild Wars 2 players pull together we rise to the challenge, and thanks to raids etc we generally do have a lot more skilled players about, so why not look at giving us a fresh Open challenge to unite for, why not throw it one of them into those juicy maps you’ve made, so we have more reasons to go back there, because honestly it makes me sad that after doing al that my character has, one of the best things the mighty hero of Tyria can do to increase his power is spend his time stuffing his face with magic berries ^^.

So please even if it’s a rework of something like the Claw of Jormag, look at giving us something (fire melts ice, doesn’t it?)! I mean after all the Shatterer rework was nice but let’s face it, it lacked a lot of oomph, and a lot of its features can still be ignored ☹.

Underwater Combat, is it really that bad? Or just not developed/ refined enough?

So again, this is a bit of a dead horse, but I still think it’s worth asking this question, is the underwater combat really that bad as to be fair to not really be invested in, because I honestly think it a very good system, especially for an MMO! However, it really does need a lot of work still, further with the story leading in the directions that it is, I don’t really see how much longer we can avoid it without asking the question of how are we going to improve it. Don’t get me wrong here I’m not expecting an underwater raid boss any time soon (lol just take a moment and imagine how raiders would probably react to that statement if it was given with seriousness ^^) but the point still there. While its VERY evident with the lack of new underwater weapon skins, even amongst Black Lion Skins for some time now, on top of specialisations and Revenant not really having much in terms of underwater in them, it really shows that it’s a very dead horse. But what I don’t understand is why people dislike it so much and why we couldn’t find out what we dislike about it so we could change what we need to in order to make it much more advertising and enjoyable.

There’s no denying that deep down we all know that the system itself is pretty good, possibly one of the best you can find on an MMO, when it comes to underwater, however we all know too well that its not overly popular with players. Is it the extra axis they must deal with? the skills? The feel? The lack or overload in how it differs to ground combat? Because I am pretty sure if ArenaNet said you could have mounted aerial combat you’d be at least somewhat interested so why not help address the issue here too? I’m just throwing this in here because I really enjoyed the Honor of the Waves paths when the game was in its earlier days, but I know a LOT of people who were the opposite xD, and I really do miss having a reasonable amount of underwater combat, not to mention the mysterious Largos. So please anyone who has a constructive thing to add, please give an opinion as to what you think on the matter, I really hope I’m not alone in this area xD. (Bets on one word reply of “Yes, it is”?)

Miscellaneous subjects I can’t really fit into groups

Well let’s get the basics out of the way here, some of this section will just be statements, with either no knowledge or uninformed opinions, so please be lenient with me here, I’m just going to be saying what I think so obviously its subjective stuff ^^.

So lets start with Zojja, she is completely absent from the story, I’m hoping you have plans for her but if I’m honest I get the feeling its because its obviously hard to have her lovely Voice Actor around to say lines for her which is very understandable so I’ll be blunt in my opinion, I care more for the story, change the VA if that’s an issue xD, popularity has its price after all ????. Given what’s happened to her (Zojja) a change in a voice is easily explainable.

Side Stories, we need more of them, you set up a beautiful story with Salad bowl (Calagbolg and ended it amazingly, it wasn’t even fully Voice acted, but I loved it, I want more. I’ve said for a long time that we have Personal and Living Story (Which are essentially the same now let’s be honest) so why can’t we have Racial Stories, Side Stories etc that happen in the world have their own arcs, and may or may not cross paths with main story, but never the less happen. It doesn’t necessarily HAVE to be tied to elder dragon’s, gods and the like, it could be simple things, what are the Charr doing right now, or the Norn or the Sylvari etc. Fair enough right now we are too busy to focus on these things and this would obviously take time, but I honestly be worth the investment, it could lead us in many beautiful directions as well as keep things fresher when we get a bit bored of the overarching plot.

Why couldn’t we use them to lead into things like the introduction of a new race? Or like we currently see, lead on with the side stories in raids and fractals etc, just a little bit more direct and less subtle / specialised? I’d love to know what people think here, I just feel it would allow our characters to feel a bit more unique, because you can branch all you like when doing side stories and have VERY different ending depending on the “bigger picture” in terms of world impact. I mean I’m very sure some of us would love to be part of “The adventures of Lord Faren” or something xD, you know both serious and silly things ^^. Links nicely with all of what I’ve previously said just opens loads of doors into them too I hope. So that’s that.

Finally I will talk about a topic that I kinda do and don’t care for and its very simply, actual other stuff, things to do when not being the hero of Tyria, you know fishing style stuff and all that Jazz, or CAT COLLECTING which some people do and I personally get to hate in knowing it exists in the game xD. I’ve been hearing this topic from a few friends of late, people who love the game but at the same time just don’t play it currently because there’s no real procrastination stuff between doing the main game. You know Betting on Moa racing and the like, I am not really good on this avenue so I can’t really suggest much here, but I can go out on a whim and say one word “POLYMOCK” this game was mentioned very early on in GW2’s life cycle and was a thing in GW1, its been a long time now, so I’d like to ask the question, any chance of seeing that any time soon? I mean I know it’s basically the Pokemon of the Guild Wars universe but it would be great if we could finally get out hands on it, things like Keg brawl and the like were very much appreciated by these players and while they get the system now in place, they kind of find it lacking in what to do when not doing anything. I don’t really know what other minigames I’d suggest, but I know this is a fan favourite, among them too, so I thought I’d ask the question xD.


So, there you have it, a beautiful wall of text for you to read through, or at least various sections you may have an interest in. Again, I know it’s largely personal stuff, but honestly I don’t really know of a better place to put this, I just know I want to put my thought forward and try and get some discussions going. Either way as I said a few times, please give some thoughts on the above and get some discussions sorted on what I’ve said. See you all around!

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Whilst I appreciate the time and effort, you are going to have a really hard job getting much discussion without making points more concise. It's hard work reading off a screen for many and this is difficult to read to be honest. WHich is a shame, because just from skimming through, there are some interesting and original ideas in here.

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I am aware of some of what you mean, I'll try and make it more readable at the minimum, but truth be told I just have too much to say and its really hard to be too concise, I like the idea of the general ideas getting out there and people getting going from there. If I be too concise my thoughts may differ a few moments later so it easier for me to give a general view. I'll be happy even if this just gets someone brainstorming and coming up with a great idea, if this doesn't have any luck at all ^^

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This would definantly offer alot to the game, And I Feel like alot of it should happen. ( Your spec Idea, The guild reworks and even the majority of the event and misc ideas you shot forward). Guilds at this point feel like a waste of time and dont give really anything or have any place, the guild halls are just less useable hubs that are there for the sake of being there, They dont add much of anything.

Core tyria might need some love and I do agree claw of jormag needs a rework to stand up with Teq ( shatterer is still easy peasy.), Id like to see MORE dragon based events to emphasize on their role in the world as we have mega-destroyer, shatterer, claw of jormag and Teq... We do not have one for mordremoth so adding in a world boss in brisband or one of the jungle areas would be a nice call back to HoT and tie him into core content. ( for those who dont have HoT it could make the idea of getting it interesting) and we still need one for Bubbles... who has nothing but his fan given name ( be it bubbles or steve).

All in all I feel like you hit the nail on the head friend, and I hope the devs use some if not all of what your proposed.

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@Inculpatus cedo.9234 said:I would suggest you report your post, OP, and ask the Moderators to remove it. You would be much better served by making several different post/threads in the pertinent sub-forums; this one post covers too many subjects, and frankly, is too long to read as one.

Good luck.

Yeah I kinda know what you mean, but again the issue is I personally find it much easier to create a post like this, I really have absolutely no problem with people linking this from that post or passing on the ideas and creating a discussion themselves all I ask is that we leave a paper trail and do our best to keep things in context, so you know reference this thread or post or whatever, I'll look into this, however I'd honestly want a bit of help spreading it all out and breaking it all down, so for now I'm going to leave the post as is in terms of location ^^.

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