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Mirror Blade damage lower than intended

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*Copied from my post on the Mesmer forums*

I tested MB in with no amulet or rune equipped. Results:

236178134101*(* only with bountiful blades equipped)In the patchnotes and tooltip it says damage is reduced by 15% each hit. In reality:178/236 = 0.75134/178 = 0.75101/134 = 0.75The damage is reduced by 25%. If it were 15% it would look something like this:236236*0.85=200200*0.85=170170*0.85=145You might be wondering "maybe it is reduced twice because MB also bounces on your own character?" No:236*0.85*0.85=170 -> Wrong.Or maybe this unnecessarily complicated variant:236-(236*0.15*2)=165 -> Wrong.TL;DR: Mirror Blade damage is reduced by 25% rather than 15% each hit.

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