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Weaver [Weave Self] & Fire Attunement bug

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08-Oct-2017, 19;40, GMT+03Hearth of the MistsElementalist, Weaver, 80, Lich King.1524

The BUG:If I press [Weave Self] while Fire Attunement then I see buff [Woven Fire], but Condition Damage does no increase on 20% as it is specified on tool-tips (I see it in hero panel)

At same time [Weave Self] with all other Attunements (Earth, Water, Lightning) works fine, and gives proper buffs to Toughness, Boon duration, and Movement speed (I see it in hero panel)

Update: it works (tested on golem and saw 20% burning damage increase), just it is not reflected on hero panel.

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