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New Player, looking for 1 or 2 people to run around with.


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Not necessarily looking for a guild, just looking for someone to explore Tyria with. Right now, I'm mainly focusing on heart tasks so I can familiarize myself with Tyria. If I happen to stumble across a nearby event, I usually join in. I've already got about 25-30 hours since I started. I bought the expansions and a few gems because I love GW2 so much. Not really looking to play competitive, at least for now. I just enjoy wandering about seeing what I can get into. Currently level 21. My character is Visual Vice. So, I hope I can find a person or two who isn't super competitive. Anyways, I'm about to log back in...

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@Arisen.7495 said:Hello, whats your server and prime time?

Apologies for the super late response. I'm mostly on Yak's Bend, and I normally play between 3:00pm Pacific Time, off and on till around midnight. But lately I've been playing more sporadically. Today I've been on from 8am and it's now 3pm, and I'll be off and on all day till probably midnight or later tonight.

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