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Anyone try the arcane shield arcane wave etc for pve?


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Arcane shield is situational defensive skill that you dont need in group content due to supports.

Arcane wave is just a weaker version of arcane blast due to higher cooldown (aoe isnt really worth it because you have enough cleave already, especially if you're not alone).

Water arcane works on a support build, but for dps you want at least fire or air because they are much more consistent and just better in general.

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I pug, so arcane shield doesn't leave my bar. I've only run arcane wave on rare occasion, which is when I'm in a group that has zero group buffs. The group fury in a fire field is an excellent buff.

Most healing builds just go with auras and shouts, because they do roughly the same as blasting a water field but without having to fumble with the field mechanics.

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