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Using Level 80 Boost on a Level 80

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I used the boost that came with PoF on one of my existing level 80's. As other people said you get the exact same items you would get if you used it to level up a character - including the armour and weapons, but unlike when you level up a character they're not equipped automatically, just put into your inventory. (Your traits and skills don't change either.)

I decided to do that because I didn't want another permanent character yet (or a temporary level 80) and it seemed highly unlikely I'd want one any time soon but I did want to free up the shared slot and some of the items in the pack are nice, like the celebratory dye kit. It also unlocked some of the armour skins since I didn't have them already, and I kept the rifle and harpoon gun (I used it on an engineer) because they were better than the ones I already had.

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