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Paying for the expansion and also the episodes?

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PoF is the story in the crystal desert thus expansion includes 4 maps, 4 basic + 1 premium unlockable mounts and a dozen or so story missions and 9 elite soecializations This is included. PoF also includes HoT which is an other expansion with similar content.After that the story continues with living world seasons these must be unlocked which is only free on release after that you have to pay gems for each chapter.

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You can buy whole packages of Living World Seasons at a 20% discount. Or wait for promotional discounts on the packages to save even more.

You can also exchange Gold for Gems at get the Episodes at no cost.

And, if you are not new (Play4Free or just Core), and logged into the game during any Episode's live period, you will have already unlocked the Episode for free.

Good luck.

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The expansions are great value for your buck. Excuse me, if I don't exactly agree with the tone of your post. Different matter, 'course, if you actually bought them for the mounts.

The episodes are free for players who keep in touch, and a measly 200 gems per episode for the rest (that's a very low sum of gold if you exchange currency).

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@"BillyBox.9308" said:Hey,

So i have just bought the expansion for GW2 Path of fire, but its saying i need to pay an extra 200 gems for each story mission? is this right?

If so what did i actually get for paying £25? A mount?

Episodes of LWS4 and Icebrood Saga are sold separately, the story that comes with PoF itself is of course free. I suspect you didn't have Heart of Thorns either, so the list of things you got gets rather long. I'll try to break it down into something manageable.

  1. Masteries and daily login rewards.
  2. Ability to play "unlocked" LW and Saga episodes. All account types can "unlock" them, but expansions are required to play them.
  3. Heart of Thorns, it used to cost another £25. HoT unlocks gliding, Revenant (new class), nine elite specs, and some of the best metas in the game.
  4. Mounts. PoF itself contains six mounts, LWS4 offers two more. GW2's mounts have unique abilities, they're not just "fast, faster, fastest".
  5. Nine (more) elite specs.
  6. Shared Inventory Slot and a Black Lion Instant Level 80 Ticket.
  7. Five (PoF) + four (HoT) new maps full of new things.
  8. If you upgraded from F2P account, the three additional character slots are only one of the many significant perks.

You don't need LWS4. Enjoy the expansions first. If the game is right for you, 75 gold per episode will be easy. Don't stress about it, those £25 are all the real money the game asks you to spend, everything else can realistically be purchased with in-game gold (the main currency you get from everything).

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