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[NA] [Anvil Rock] Pretty New Player LF Guild.

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Hi all!

I've played off & on for a while but was never fully invested until recently. I have 1 LVL level 80 and have yet to finish the main games story. I've barely touched a lot of the game's content so I am interested in finding a guild that is accepting of a newish player like myself.

I am still learning but I am pretty interested in PvE and WvW.

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Hey! We'd love to have you in Memories of Arah :)We are mainly a casual PvE guild (with some WvW every now and then on Borlis Pass) that has a good mix of new, returning, and veteran players. We love grouping up for content whether in open world PvE, fractals, dungeons, or story modes.

Some things to know about us:

  • Guild events every weekend, either on Friday or Saturday at 10pm EST (except this weekend is our St Patrick's Day event, which will be starting at 8pm EST on Saturday). Events can be in-game, such as guild missions, dungeons, etc, or out of game, like movie nights, cards against humanity, etc.
  • Active discord that we use for both text and voice chat, although it is not a requirement to have
  • We don't kick people for inactivity and don't require guild representation

If you're interested, feel free to reach out to me in-game or post below!

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We are a guild sisterhood of 6 smaller guilds. We cooperate by hosting mutual events, allowing them to be bigger and more successful, which in turn increases member activity and retaining members in your guild.

Our server: 1 rule gw2 rpRP: Casualhttps://discord.gg/xRJs7JH

Here are our sister guilds:Note that we are also accepting non-RP guilds, we already have 1!Please tell them Zach sent you

Rata's PizzusHumorous RPhttps://discord.gg/8rPPA2P

The Grizzly GuardholmeRP: Casual eventshttps://discord.gg/HMkGaat

Tyria's Second FinestDiscord RP only, brand new continent to explore!https://discord.gg/WGUH2xG

The Shifting SandsElona/PoF-regions Heavy RP-focusedhttps://discord.gg/cBEmsUy

Order of the Dragon KnightsNon-RP: Rebuilding old guildhttps://discord.gg/rtwJ3Dx

Please contact us to become a sister guild!

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