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New Abilities for each mount

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If mounts are unique feature for POF, i am fine with Anet not introducing more mounts in the future.I do however love to see new abilities added to the exist mounts, cos I love them all but i mostly only use skyscale now days.Some ideas for new abilities:

• Raptor - treasure digging: what if raptor can dig ground? you can use items like Enchanted Treasure Map or Silverwastes Shovel while on the raptor, maybe even a "raptor instinct dig"?• Jackal - scent tracking: to find a certain item of a NPC, turn on this skill and you see a trail to follow on your jackal.• Skimmer - underwater mode: simply use your skimmer as an under water mount.• Griffon - Aerial guardian: passive ability, your griffon appears and lift you to a nearby safer area when your are down or trapped in surrounding like quick sand or sulfur.• Beetle - Flying bug: when in mid air beetle and use wings to redirect it's direction once.

what you think about those abilities? what kind of new abilities would you like to see?

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