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[Bug] Power Block


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@Quadox.7834 said:

@Quadox.7834 said:We tested it with maul, mirror blade, winter's bite, and some other mesmer/ranger skills, and we found that it
bugs on maul. I.e. maul only gets 4 seconds CD when interrupted with powerblock.

The person that told me also mentioned maul, so it's possible.

Yes I tested it with him

Thanks, will edit the op.

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How ungrateful you are mesmers, why are you complaining? You should be thankful that this broken mechanic is even working in some skills.You can stealth shot, fill people with condi cancer, evade while attacking, have 10 illusions up simultaneously... now you cry that another broken mechanic like extending enemies CDs is not working in 100% of the cases?

Mesmer mains...

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