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Junundu Wurms (Disappointed)


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Hello!I was really excited when I heard about the return of Junundu Wurms. I've spent hours and hours farming on these wurms in Guild Wars 1 (starting point in Lair of the Forgotten) and then clearing majority of the area for a nice amount of gold! And then hearing about their return here completely amazed me, plus I couldn't wait to finally see them, expecting the model to be stunning!Instead...I got bitterly disappointed.

  1. We cannot use them as mounts, yes...but that aside...
  2. The model is absolutely horrible compared to Original model from Guild Wars 1.

The 'new' Junundu model looks like a badly done model with little to no effort put into it. The body is not smooth, it even ''snaps'' when wurm is in idle position.Compare the animations of old Junundu wurms to new ones. GW1 Junundu model beats the new model by a mile. Plus the GW1 model looks like a wurm, while this one looks like a giant creepy centipede.On top of that, when you zoom into its head you can see that the ''tusks'' are hovering away from the model a bit as well.What happened to the good old Junundu Wurms? Why have they been changed to a worse buggy model? The color looks off as well.Imo the current model doesn't fit the game at all, it looks old and unprofessionally done.It would be great to see the original Junundu wurms back, but just updated and looking even better.

Does anyone else share my same concern and opinion?https://wiki.guildwars.com/wiki/Junundu Wiki page to original concept of the Junundu Wurms.


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