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Lead the wind changes


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Was wondering if anyone else has played around with this with good results? For me it seems really difficult to make a 1200 unit gap between me and my target in the middle of combat. Its good for an opener but after that its basically useless.

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IMO should all Marksmanship GM traits refresh Opening Strike in addition to their baseline functionalities, while still reserving the damage modifer on opening strike to Remorseless. For Lead the Wind I'd want it to refresh on stealth, as longbow has access to it, in addition to reduced recharge and piercing for the bow itself. Mainly to solve the issues with the minor traits, but you could still interact more with the trait than what you currently do.

Instead they keep feeding us boring stuff like this. Much better than the swiftness meme we had before it, but even if it's good when chasing down someone, it's not fun to play around with, nor does it feel rewarding. And I'm sure the regular pew pew haters don't like it either.

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