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Help for a new Scourge gear WvW


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Hi all, after a long break I'm back on the game. What kind of gear I should aim for a scourge wvw. Since last updates, I'm a lil lost with that is efficient or not. Thanks for helping ( and sorry for bad english =) )A player say me to aim for Marauder or trailblazer gear, you agree ? Thanks a lot

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Every gear you mentioned is meta. Your main task is corrupting and granting barrier. Your damage type is secondary.

Trailblazer focusses on quite low condi damage but is extremely tanky (EZ mode for noobs)Marauder focusses on direct damage and has the biggest burst impact.Cele focusses on hybrid damage and more support.

It depends on personal preference...


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@Infusion.7149 said:I'm partial to cele mixed with grieving but after the patch you're probably better off with apothecary + trailblazer stuff if you play condi variant . Since power coefficients are negligible on necromancer condi weapons anyway you don't lose much.

I used to run cele/marshalls, but I am finding that pure blazer with torment runes is working out better sustain/damage wise honestly. Agree, apothacary might provide some value too.

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