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Role-playing Idea - New Type of Novelty?

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Hi everyone.

I was doing an escort event (escorting a merchant with a pack bull) and I had an idea. For those who like to role play: what if we could 'rent' a pack bull to follow our character just like it follows NPC's? It could work similar to charming pets, in the sense that more pack bulls/pack marmoxs, etc. would spawn in that location. I say 'rent' because I imagine it would cost something, even if just 1s or 2s. Or maybe it could be a new type of novelty? A novelty that would accompany our character. In that case, we could even have more options to choose from (for example, NPCs).

We already have miniatures, but they're, well, mini. And they don't really accompany the character; I mean, they run after the character but the distance between the two is, in my opinion, huge - sometimes the character is like a mile/meters ahead and the mini needs to spawn closer to keep up.

So my question is:If you're into role-playing, what do you think of this new type of novelty? And what new things/interactions would you like to see to improve role-playing and give role-players more options?

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They already have this mechanic in game. You can buy flame elemental powder or ogre pet whistle from heart vendors in core tyria which spawn a familiar for a short time. There are others but i cant remember them right now.

Since the mechanic is in game I dont think it would be that hard to add a pack bull. They do have a long CD though. Anet wont let you add a permanent follower as it increases server load.

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If "big minis" (jumbo shrimp?) were to become popular, there would be huge issues with blocking peoples' line of sight. They would have to disappear at nearly EVERY fight, not just when player populations rise. That would pretty much negate using them for RP. And you can forget about seeing your character at the bank! (It's bad enough now with Charr, Norn, and people wearing large back items or using Embiggening Tonics).

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