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Skyscale of Ice - Issue with Completing due to partly being locked behind paid-only content

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So I've been off and on trying to work on the Skyscale achievements so I can not have to deal with the obscene amount of gold needed for the Griffon mount. I am down to four eggs needing to be filled with energy and none of them have needed me to pay real world money just to complete the task.

Until now with the Skyscale of Ice. When looking on the Wikia for help with completing them I came to learn that the Skyscale of Ice requires access to Bitterfrost Frontier. I went to figure out where this zone was because I hadn't been there, well came to learn that it's locked behind LW3 and I wasn't active at the time that it was unlockable for free. I don't know who thought this was a great idea, but now I am unable to complete this mount unless I shell out money to afford LW3. Money I don't have the liberty to spend due to the high risk of losing my job due to the current virus outbreak that's affecting the world globally.

As such I have no way of affording the cost of buying LW3 and thus I am content locked out of a mount. It's both disappointing and frustrating.

So I have to ask, is there ANY other way to complete the task for the Skyscale of Ice egg named "Ice of the Air"? Or is this it for this mount for me? I can't complete it unless I cough up the money to buy the LW3 pack?

Thank you

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