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Ascended Trinkets on the Saga Maps | An Opinion

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I am REALLY glad that they returned to making selectable stat ascended trinkets available on the maps again.I know they aren't necessarily hard to get a hold of as it is with the LW maps, but for a while they stopped and honestly, it was sad that they did because in my opinion the more accessible these particular items are, the more chances we have to lure people towards doing harder style content like higher tier fractals.

If they can gear out a whole character really quickly, people might be able to convince people to keep working their way up fractals, which could result in players gaining more experience to build up the courage to try raids.I know that is the purpose of strikes, and as they progressively will grow in difficulty I am sure that may be the case but as of right now, fractals are also another nice way to teach and learn too and they do it with the more familiar 5 style content most people know.

I just wanted to put this out there and give some positive praise on this. I felt it was really good! As someone who is starting to prepare some of their newer/inexperienced guildies towards raids and taking them through the fractal tiers to help them grow as players. Having to get them new gear and getting them fractal ready meant that those LW ascended trinkets were a blessing! And it's good to see it becoming even more accessible.


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