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Siege Turtle

monk seal.8079

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As much as I love the old siege turtle the main thing I am hoping for WvW with the next expansion will be a new Canthan themed WvW map.I'd expect siege turtles to come with it but the map is far more of a want than the turtles are.There's not been a new WvW map since HoT and despite some peoples dislike for the Desert map I personally find it a refreshing change from the duplicate Borderlands ones.

Canthan WvW map would be an awesome treat for the serious WvW players imo and for those of us who only pop in there on occasion and would like somewhere new to die. XD

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Spinning metal spiky balls , grinding the door . Or grind the door for a bit , then gets deflected backwards to various angles and resume (hiting allies+foes) .If there is a living players nearby , it continues munching that door .Every 10 sec , it does need supplies to continue

The ram mechanic is so outdated , and the goal should be to kill the nearby enemies instead of wasting times to kill the ram

Edit:Or damaging the ball from once side minimize its momentum (use scorpion-balistras behind your door) , while the enemy zerg should choose , either to attack the defenders in their walls , or attack the ball to gain ''thrust''Normaly 2 enemies can overcome the counterbalance(it doesnt stall the ball , but reduces damage) of the defender's scorpion , but if the defender has outnumber buff , then the ball gains Elite's HP zerg scalling mechanic , increasing its damage and needed more people to push it

Edit: Or a defender can reduce the damagethe ball , by forcing a 1v1 underground of it , near the Door (like the Djinn lamp) with a see throught glass arena .20 sec afterwards another enemy can join for a 2v1 ...and so forth if there enought defenders/attackers .With attackers having always the number advantage

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