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New race implementation possibilities.

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In the new expansion, perhaps if they add Tengu and Largos, these could be added a couple of different ways:

  1. Add a home area for each and include personal story. Even though both races have largely been uninvolved, it doesn’t mean a representative could have had involvement with the pact in the beginning, and moved on to be the commander later on. The Cantha expansion could be where these races get more involved. This option is probably unlikely as that’s a lot of work to involve two new races.
  2. The new expansion could allow a player controlled companion. You can make whatever race, old or new, whatever profession you want, and this companion can either be swapped inside or outside of battle, whichever would be better. This gives you a chance to customize a new race, and this character can be involved directly in the new story instances as another member of the commander’s crew, but perhaps a really close companion that does important missions with the commander (or separately from the commander). The key is you control this new character and give it it’s own build and equipment. This option could seem more likely to allow carry over to new stories and not have to worry about new personal stories every time. New customization options would allow anet to continue fashion wars. These companions could be played any time in open world, but like mounts and gliding would be prevented from being in previous story instances. This one really interests me the most. Hoping they could pull something off like this. Almost like heroes in GW, but not exactly.
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