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Help Explorer Jeppa / Dies where she shouldn't be

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Map: Desert HighlandsOccured: I guess it can always occure when the mission is upMission: Help Explorer Jeppa

I tried to do Help Explorer Jeppa, which worked fine until the step came to subdue the one pack dolyak, which kicked Jeppa unconcious... and well, squarely all the way over the map to the Salt Flats!!!! Which makes it nigh impossible to revive her, since that is really far, far away from your point. If you can actually revive her, she is back up in the mountains and you are stuck in the salt flats. I also did run into the other event there and got killed. And Jeppa died again somewhere over yonder. Couldn't reach her in time.So, please make her die and pop-up at the mountain side which her drop really occurs instead of... well half a world away :). I have no idea how that happened, though I remember to have seen the npc a night before, dead at that selfsame spot in the salt flats.

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