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Frustrating interactions with Thief mechanics


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I want to start this discussion to show my feedback to any developer that code skills and design how target works with structures and world bosses, some problems are not exclusive with thief but most of my feedback is. most of it will be about inconsistencies with targeting and its limitations, if its dependent on Line of sight or Pathing or both, and the difference of line of sight height among races.

With deadeye mark for example, some times with uneven terrain its possible to mark a target but fail to get a stolen skill, some structures where the target is inside or close to a solid surface is impossible to mark, for example on north,west and south Octovines, the east one is possible to mark because the target is barely outside the solid mesh, other example is on Dragonfall with the vulnerable spots over Kralkatoric.Again with deadeye mark, on Drakkar, its a problem if the target change during the fight since you only generate malice if you're hitting your target; but its interesting to reset at the end of a phase.So, please consider how targets work with the skills you're designing.

With Death's judgment, in situations were your fighting against multiple targets is common to spam rifle 2(Skirmisher shot or Spotter's shot) because of its pierce capability, a very reliable set of skills for that but if you try to dump malice to start another Maleficent Seven rotation, depending on the number of targets, is almost impossible; its even possible to miss this skill because you're close to a rabbit, or simple by the presence of a ranger's pet. my suggestion will be adding Pierce to death's Judgment to make sure you be hitting your target but still being possible to block or destroy the projectile with more active and skill oriented forms of defense, its still possible to avoid this shot by getting behind a player but only if its actively blocking.

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