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[Thief] Assassin's Signet is is providing 540 Power and increasing damage by 15%

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I really don't want to post this because I know a lot of Thief players are going to give me grief for it.

In addition to the 540 Power the Assassin's Signet active gives, it also provides a multiplicative 15% damage boost. I discovered this doing some number crunching earlier, so I have the numbers to back this up.

If you pick up a Thief and you run Marauder + Scholar Runes, resulting in 2175 Power and 198.3% Critical Damage, a Backstab on a Heavy Dummy with no damage modifiers (other than the Scholar 6-set bonus) will net you a 2894 Critical Hit (assuming you are running Shadow Arts, Daredevil and Trickery with no other modifiers active). As such, the Assassin's Signet provides an additional 540 Power (totaling 2715 Power). Keep in mind, the bonus 540 Power is instead of the passive 180 power, not in addition to.

2715 / 2175 = 1.248 (meaning that the damage is increased by 24.8%)So, that 2894 damage Crit should be increased to 3613 (rounding up). However, I found this is not the case. The Backstab instead did dealt 4155, which doesn't make sense.2894 x 1.248 =/= 4155.

Here is what does make sense...(2894 x 1.248) x 1.15 = 4155 (rounded up)

Once I took the 15% increase into account, the numbers started making sense. This is the case no matter what Amulet/Set bonus the Thief uses.

Keep in mind I have no idea how long this bug has been around. It is very possible that this bug came about during the last balance patch when they changed the cooldown. Then again, it could have been around ever since it got changed from a 15% damage boost to a raw 540 Power. It's hard to tell. If it has been around awhile, I haven't noticed it before (and I number crunch a lot).

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