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Coming back in 2020: I need some help (Questions)

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Hi all,I played GW2 since beta and its hands-down my favorite MMORPG of all time. I played so much over the years that eventually I took a break. But I miss it so much that I'd like to come back, but its been a couple of years. I've started watching videos and trying to read some guides to figure out what's new and changed, but its still a little unclear.

My main questions are this:(1) WvW is life. I'm on Jade Quarry. How does WvW matching work now? Did they implement that thing where the servers don't matter? I guess what I'm asking is, what server(s) are the ones with the most thriving WvW activity. I need to figure out if I need to transfer.(2) I'm trying to get an understanding of all the content that's been added over time. They're are Raids now? I've read mention of something called Strike Missions but I have no idea what those are. Does anyone have reference to a well-organized guide to current GW2 content, maybe something aimed at returning players.

I've found that many of the videos I've tried to watch are not organized all that well, or only partially answer questions. I'll keep looking but I would appreciate any feedback from the community as well.


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When did your break start? Afaik raids are already there for a bit longer now. ;)Though I didn't know them as well (and not going to play them, I'm not that type of player). I had a very long break from december 2013 until june 2019.

Doing the living story and expansion maps in release order where the masteries and achievements and the maps itself give me a hint on the new stuff added. (Vendors with new weapons for skins and insignia/inscriptions with new stats combination sold in certain maps.)

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