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Can we discuss the availability of Superior Rune of the Cavalier?


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Superior Rune of the Cavalier

  • +25 Power
  • +35 Toughness
  • +50 Power
  • +65 Toughness
  • +100 Power
  • Using an Engage ability grants quickness and 20% bonus damage for 5 seconds (Cooldown 20s)

On paper, this would be the rune I would have suggested to players with PoF and whose characters were focused solely on open world content. Yet, strangely enough, the only way a person can go about obtaining these runes (as far as we know) is from the Heroics Notary Vendor in WvW at the cost of 20 silver and 75 Testimonies of Heroics.

This is absolutely bonkers! Why would you gate a rune with absolutely no use in WvW (until mounts are implemented in possibly two years) in that game mode with its specific currency?

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