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"Helpful Hero" achievement bugged?

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~~According to cheevo tracking, I have successfully completed 9 "rift closings"

I just did my three-in-a-day on a character trying to figure out "Helpful Hero" achievement (return lost items). According to all information I could find, the items to be returned are supposed to be added to the collection automatically on successfully exiting the collapsing rift.

This hasn't happened even once to me. Talking to the NPCs spawned near the return point doesn't do anything (though I'm not surprised since my 'cheevo collection is empty).

Is there some specific pre-condition that unlocks the collection (and therefore access to the collection item spawning), or is this simply bugged?~~

Edit: Apparently what almost nobody seems to mention is that you need to go to a specific location while the rift is collapsing and escape using alternative portal. Hah.

Well, that would explain my issues - please feel free to delete this thread :)

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Yeah. That's true. Bad explanation in the Wiki here. I had the same problem back then last year and posted a differend thread. Someone suggested me to look for the tooltip when being near the portal. The correct one says something different (indicating you are escaping with the lost belonging). Also the event marker is near the correct one and you need a few jumps. I think there is another one directly at the platform or where you need only 1 jump ... which does not help you in progressing the achievement.

Pay attention - once you know the correct position (you see the rocks where you need to do a few jumps) you can stay nearby before killing the champ so it will be easiy to move there.

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