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[EU] Returning player looking for a casual [PvX] guild


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Hi everyone,

I recently started playing GW2 again after playing for a few months at launch and a few months in 2018. My main character is a level 80 thief/deadeye. Even though I'm technically a returning player, I sometimes feel like a new player because there is so much about this game I still have to learn. I'm therefore looking for a casual guild that does lots of different stuff and has friendly members who are not afraid to answer a few (probably dumb) questions every now and then :)

I'm interested in practically every aspect of the game. I tried WvW and it's a lot of fun. I haven't tried sPvP, but I'm looking forward to the day I do. Right now, I'm mostly doing the Living World/expansions story content and trying to join others doing events on the HoT maps to gain masteries (right now I have spent 10 mastery points). So it would be cool if your guild is doing that often. I'm also very willing to learn about raids, fractals and all the other PvE options.

I'm based in the Central European Time Zone. Right now I'm playing on the server Dzagonur, but if I think that your guild is a good fit, I'd be willing to change that in order to play WvW together. I'm male and 24 years old. Discord available.

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