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[KNOWN ISSUE] Gem Store Bamboozle

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I've got a gift icon on the corner of my Black Lion Trading Company (BLTC) icon (9th icon in the top-left row of icons). The hover text says "Free Item Available!", but I've searched every tab of the BLTC window and can't find anything. Is there really supposed to be a free item available for pickup? Or, is this a bug?

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I think it must be a bug. I left it late to get the last update, because I was in the middle of checking out the Eye of the North and I didn't see the icon until after I got the update, which seems to be when everyone else got it too. From past experience I can tell you the gem store updates automatically without having to log out and back in. For example if you're online and have it open when new item are added the window will refresh automatically and they'll appear. So I think it's a bug caused by today's patch.

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I'm in UK, logged in and I see the BLTC icon has a little "gift" showing on the lower right corner of the icon and the tooltip shows "Black Lion Trading Company Free Item Available [O]" but when I opened the BLTC there is nothing available for 0 gems. Even tried logging out, exiting the game and restarting, but the tooltip still shows that there is supposed to be a free item available but there's still nothing in the BLTC for 0 gems. Also finding that lately the BLTC is taking a really long time to actually load up and display anything.

Are A.net now resorting to conning players into opening the BLTC? :o

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