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Passive Swiftness no applied inside the Vision

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Disclaimer: I don't have a Charr, so I may be wrong regarding the visuals of a taller character.

My main character is a Reaper, regardless of how weak and messed up it might be, I like her. It's the only class I feel comfortable to go full "Leroy Jenkins" in a big group of mobs. Unless I'm taking part in a boss fight, most of the times I prefer "Signet of Locust" over "Signet of Spite". I hate not being able to walk freely. "Locust Swarm" is terrible because if one of the insects hits an enemy, you enter combat and there goes the Swiftness it provides; and "Spectral Walk", although very nice (that works fine in the scenario below), takes a Utility Skill slot, which reduces the DPS and renders the situation as whole indifferent.

Well, I ran a super simple test by auto-walking while switching on/off "Signet of Locust". While I'm on the Hall, not "transformed", it's noticeable the movement speed increase. But inside the Vision, the same test doesn't change my character's speed. Externally applied Swiftness, as a boon, be it by Spectral Walk, Locust Swarm or any other skill from another player in the party works as intended, but the passive bonus of my signet does not.

I really doubt I wouldn't be able to see any speed increase, however small, just because Charrs are much taller than Asuran. At some degree, the speed movement increase should be noticeable.

That said, is this intentional or it's really bugged? If it's intentional, fine, it's ANOTHER thing to hold us but, whatever, I'll abide but, if it's a bug, it must be fixed asap because it makes achievements like... the potion maker thing, for example, very difficult because while I'm going to the item (especially the Alpine Blossoms) players with working/external speed buffs, are already coming back.

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