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[NA] LF PvX Guild (Mature 18+, Daily Fractals/Dungeons, Weekly Raids)


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I have recently returned from a small hiatus to play more frequently. I am specifically looking for a PvE guild that does the following:

  • Weekly Raids (Teaching as well)
  • I have cleared the first three wings many times, however this is a newer account (Can't access old one) and was starting to learn w4 when I took hiatus. I have great NA availability, and am eager to learn the new raids. I have multiple characters ready to go for whatever role you need me to play.
  • Dungeons (I Can Teach if Needed)
  • I know all dungeons well and can guide people through them, plus I just enjoy them!
  • Fractals
  • I know most of the fractals like the back of my hand, can play multiple roles and help where needed. More content I just like playing.

I also occasionally WvW (Magumma) and play PvP regularly. I am looking for a guild where I am excited to get on and play with other people, as that was the best part of playing before, the relationships you build.

Feel free to drop a comment here or message me in-game!


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