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my condi soulbeast build for pve


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My build is : http://gw2skills.net/editor/?vNQQNAV4fjMqQ3K2uC2sAVLWMEs8qb3d820BSdVNmAwor0VyziD-jRSFQBKZ9gRqEsd6Gu2GCA4CA4rDCQDV+1P1f02TAYdgAwfuD+//b+////lCAi9WA-e

I hope you like it, it has worked for me very well. the only uncertainty for me is which is better d/t or sb. I have used it in the escort raid and general pve so far and has worked out well. I know alot of you like to use quick draw instead, but i tend to favor shortbow more, and i find it easy to line up and shoot multiple foes, i use poison voleey especially as if sb was more like a shotgun, with going in closer if possible, and farther back when need to.

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