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How do you get to play S1 episodes?

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There are 4 different achievs that you have to do to unlock each s1 story mission. They are all very simple to do, justo go to some spots where those missions took place and get one artifact there. You can findo the achievs under the section of this release, their titles begin with "Visions of the past:...." if I'm not mistaken.

Edit: in the Eye of the North corridor that leads to the scrying pool there is a message on wall that gives you a hint on those artifacts, and from what I understood from the last patch notes, now when you interact with the message, it points out those achievs.

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There is a message lying around in the corridor leading to the Scrying Pool. Activate it, then you have to collect four items near where the four missions were originally accessible from. There are four achievements to guide you to the locations. Once you have collected one, the corresponding mission becomes available in the pool.

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@Woop S.7851 said:

@"SoulGuardian.6203" said:Everytime I try the scrying pool over and over, only get the same two options.How do you go about getting to play the S1 episodes?

There was another post with a similar answer yesterday, more details/answers :)

Wow, it's almost like someone wants to be a game/UI designer...

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