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Legendary Equipment and Templates - [Merged]

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  • ArenaNet Staff

We want to talk a little about our plans for the next update that will affect the suite of templates features, and gather your feedback about what you hope to see from it.

We’re calling it the Legendary Armory.

Here’s a quick description of how it will work—when you bind a legendary item to your account, it will be added to the Legendary Armory. Any legendary item that is added to the Legendary Armory will become available for use by all the characters across your entire account at the same time. This removes the need for you to swap legendary equipment between characters through your bank or shared inventory. This feature will also come with updates to Equipment Template functionality to make it easier to copy the configuration of equipped legendary items from one Equipment Template to another template on the same character.

Here are our goals for the Legendary Armory feature:

  • Make it feel more valuable to earn and use legendary equipment, while also making it easier to use legendary items with the Equipment Template feature.
  • Remove the need for players to swap account-bound legendary items between characters.
  • Make it easier to copy the configuration of equipped legendary items from one Equipment Template tab to another template on the same character.

Let us know your thoughts in this thread. Thank you all!

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One important thing missing ... will there is any changes to how skins are handled?

I am very much not interested in using the same armor skins and dyes across all characters with the same armor weight.

Edit: Will this apply to legendary runes and sigils as well?

Edit 2: Also what about underwater? Having to make an extra rune because of the breather and having to make 8 instead of 4 sigils to cover underwater feels kinda awful.

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This is a minor QoL item - however which then concerns me is the following with the legendary item:

  • Infusions
  • sigils (Ordinary ones - inc legendary ones!)
  • Runes (Ordinary ones - inc legendary ones).

These were originally bound to that item - Where is that left ? on the character that had the weapon?-- please start to think this through properly on how it would work and give a better update;

What does not work is the 'build template' part of the characters (especially the "equipment loadouts") . "Equipment Template functionality" - needs the ability to be saved to an external source ASAP. I would even prioritise that above this update that is being talked about in this post and the feedback that legendary items are devalued is due to the fact that equipping a legendary item forgets all these aspects of the item.

It takes too long to configure a legendary item if it is put on a character, the runes, sigils and infusions and costs far too much with the equipment loadout function across multiple characters.

The fact the legendary gear looses all its upgrades, sigils, infusions when copied to another character makes this impossible to use even with this update that is proposed.... Right now it is easier to have another ascended weapon on a character and have that than this system even with the proposed changes as above.

For one class, I may have the need for the following equipment templates which includes 'gear and armor loadouts which vary':

  • 6-7 raid equipment loadouts ; 6 FoTM builds; 3 PvP builds; 2-3 WvW Builds; 2-3 Builds.

Please start listening to your consumers.

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This fits the idea of GW2 being a game that's very supportive of alt creation, and I agree with this design choice and direction.

However, it leads to the issue of skins attached to the legendary gear. While sure, you can just use more outfits and neglect using skins outside of your mains there issue becomes bigger if you want to use racial skins on your legendary armor. My guardian has a full set of legendary armor, however he uses some sylvari skins. I won't be able to use this feature to equip my warrior with the armor because of the racial skin lock, which defeats the whole purpose of this update. Either I need to go with armor skins I'm less happy with, or forgo using the armor outside of a single character, or maybe even I am forced to re-roll my warrior as sylvari.

I'd like to see in a future update, the separation of skins away from armor so they function more like outfits. This would allow for a greater exchange of legendary gear between characters and would fit with the design direction you're going for.

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Awesome update. Thank you so much!

However, how will it affect people who have made more than 3 weights of legendary armour. I have 2 sets of Heavy and 2 sets of Light legendary armour.

This update basically wastes all the resources spent on those items. :|

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