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[suggestion] friends list groups

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I've mentioned this before, but I always thought it would be nice if you could include a short description of any friend you add to the list.Something like....helped me with mission X, or had fun exploring map X, and/or whatever. Just something to jog your memory.I have friends that are 5 years old but got no clue as to who they are.Sometimes, I think about whispering some of them, but they probably don't remember who I am either. All I know about my friend's list is that at least at one time, we had a mutually good experience otherwise they/I would not put me/them on the friend's list.lol... it's kind of sad.

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If you right click the contact's name, you can use the "set nickname" function to give you a little text to work with. I copy the account name, then use set nickname and paste that with a short text description or code. I do the same thing with people I block, so I know why I blocked them. It gives you enough room to type things like "Helpful JP mesmer", "HP train Cmdr", "Event Organizer", etc... The nickname will completely replace the account name, though - so you'll need to copy/paste the account name or type some other identifying info along with your description.

And yes, a way to organize and group your friends list would be very nice.

(edit - clarity, typos)

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