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Should CC Override Skyammer Jump Pad Trajectory?


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Should the Jump Pad Trajectory overpower every and all CC? This is what currently happens. Someone jumps on jump pad, they get hit with a knockback as they are jumping on it or are in the air flying up to the pillar. For example, if you're about to hit the jump pad and I overcharge shot you, should you fly up into the air and land on the pillar still, or should you be launched out of the air instead?

So the question is, should CC override the Jump Trajectory?

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Gw2 is notoriously known within it's playerbase for it's hard coding, meaning there's probably very little to be done about things like this.

It's because the the trajectory isn't and can't be random (that will lead to some pretty weird stuff) and the easy option is then to treat the player as stationary (everything happens in place) in order to avoid that, especially now that you can't fall off the map anymore.

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Using it can be treated as a player skill and cc could interrupt the action, then apply the effects. No need for weird interaction, just cause the jump to be interrupted. Or rework the pillars into little portals like you take up to the skyhammer platform. Then you just prevent interaction while cced and you eliminate the clunky jump pads.

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