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Feedback for Another Year(s)


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Sometimes, I think that what we post here isn't falling into some ceaseless void. In memory of those moments, how about another round of It's Quarantine Time and I'm Bored. Let's try to keep suggestions to things that aren't being addressed by the ongoing(?) Alliance project.

1.) Participation While Getting Your Ass Kicked

More often than I care to admit, I find myself desperately trying to defend some pile of rocks or another against overwhelming numbers. Killing one of the invaders is nearly impossible--I can generate downs, but there's no time to finish or stomp them before needing to escape. If I do my job well, then I can delay the enemy assault long enough that my participation starts to drop. This is because building siege, killing enemy siege, laying supply traps and disabling do not build any credit towards defense event rewards. The only way to get participation is to repair the wall/gate that is being hit...but this is almost always detrimental to actually defending the fortification.

Proposal: Allow damaging enemies and siege or siege build sites to contribute credit toward defense events.

2.) The Supply Glut

When supply was disconnected from objective upgrades, Anet rightfully saw that this would lead to a flood of supply and nerfed supply caps everywhere and Yak delivery amounts to compensate. After several years, it seems clear that this wasn't enough. In their defense, nerfing the caps too much would lead to defenders being unable to do their jobs effectively. But all the supply lying around makes flamboyant assaults the norm with nary a thought given to the cost. The natural tension here makes this problem untenable.

Proposal: Separate supply into Offensive and Defensive supply. Allow players to refill both types (grabbing 10 at a time for a total cap of 20 as per now) at Supply Camps (which should have equal reserves of each in separate depots) but mainly Defensive supply exists at objectives. Higher tier objectives also have a smaller reserve of Offensive supply. Yaks would deliver the same amount of supply for the Defensive reserve and then a separate additional amount for the Offensive reserve.

Offensive supply would be used for Catapults, Trebuchets, Rams and Golems. Defensive supply would be used for Shield Gens, Arrow Carts, Ballistae, traps and repairing.

Both types of supply are useful on both offense and defense, but one moreso than the other. It doesn't make it impossible to launch a flamboyant, 8 catapult assault, but doing so now requires you to hit a camp or two instead of just draining the nearest Keep or Tower. This should increase opportunities for players to interact in non-zerg-on-zerg settings, increase the importance of camps (which solo or small teams can control) and decrease the server-wide organization necessary to put a wall back up after an assault.

3.) Always Assaulting the Same Wall

This is an even wilder idea, but I'm playing around with a way to spice things up. Right now, most objectives have one area that is the go-to attack location. In Rampart, for example, the NE wall is everyone's favorite spot due to the still unaddressed bug that lets you damage the inner wall by hitting the cliffs below. What if it was possible to punish such predictable attacks?

Proposal: Create a new, guild-only Defensive siege called the Buttress. It must be researched in the guild hall (shouldn't be too hard) and and each guild can only have a limited amount deployed at a time. It is placed against a wall and built with 250 Defensive Supply. Once in place, it increases the defense of the wall. This would make gates more vulnerable, relatively, and also give people more reason to attack walls in less predictable patterns. On top of that, it increases the importance of having multiple small guilds rather than a single, blobtastic behemoth.

Catapult and Trebuchet shots that go over the wall and hit the Buttress directly should destroy it pretty quickly.

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They can also put a huge stone kitty (or enraged Golems), that wants to sleep and will wake up when a raucous comes up and run to the opposite direction to find a place to rest .So if you are a small group of players and you know you cannot beat the enemy zerg , you can stall enough (to keep the PvP swords (huge amount of people fighting among them) for longer time.) , so the kitty will rush and rest near the enemy Structure on the opposite direction .Where you can hop on his Back , skipping the Wall's defense entirely .Or fight long enough and defend a Structure of yours as long as possible .

Or your Structures randomly gain colors .If you have Outnumber (low population) you can color them yourself , however you want .The enemy zerg should capture the Structures in order like a color pallet of double rainbow phenomenon , otherwise ''a magical Sandstorm'' will emerge to hinder them.If you have outnumber or only 10x people from the dominant server , you dont get affected by it

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