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Sand Shades and Drakkar and Ancient Forgeman


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With the Drakkar fight and the Ancient Forgeman (final boss of Forging Steel) there are times when the boss seems attackable only by normal ranged stacks and not by melee or ground targeting attacks (like the sand shade). For example, when Drakkar sets his paw on the ground, it's attackable by everything, but when he lifts it up and sets it in the wall, I can still attack it with my Scepter 1 and 3 skills, but ground targeting abilities like Scepter 2 and scourge sand Shades cannot be placed on the wall where his paw is (i get an out of range message).

Is placing the ground targeting ability at the base of the wall under his paw good enough to hit and damage the boss? Or can I not use those abilities at that time? Are melee attacks also useless during that time?

Similar with the Ancient Forgeman, when he's pulled in by harpoons I know I can hit him with everything. But when he's standing up is he invulnerable to melee and ground target abilities? Or can those be placed on the pit's edge and that's enough for his hit box?

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