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Scribing: Advanced

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Hello,After maxing scribe I have atleast two inventory slots stacked with bunches of material.It would be really great if some more and higher tiers of material could be stored in bank. (like Elder Wood Pens or nibs)Of Course I understand there should be a policy that states you just have to have your inventory ready knowing when and how to scribe,Scribes are always full of stuff and it's important to not forget there could be some Dowels in the guild bank and this makes this profession even more chaotic than it already is.

In general what I like to see is...


  • Vertically panning objects
  • Texture Sprays
  • More lightning

Vertically panning objects

It would be great if Guild Wars could allow us to rotate objects not only horizontally but also to the sides.People could create easier homes if they wanted to use racetrack parts.. (On the other hand more versions of the Lunar Arc more like a wall would suffice this)We tend to improvise where we choose to go for realism and as a Guildhall architect covering those snow mounds isn't always easy when you want hills to be frozen.With a controlled way of how Guild Wars would let us to change objects vertically (for example a toggle key, or an extra secondary mouse-click)

Texture Spray's

It would be lovely if we can use sprays for textures and symbols as a new key-feature of scribes. this way we could paint earthy or stony roads where we see fit.How it works would be a development, You could use a currency that drops per second if spraying unless they are symbols you could place on terrain or objects.This would allow us to design halls like the golden Gilded Hollow to match with themes we have in mind or plants for in a big park of trees.

More Lightning

We have at least 6 types of lightning but their all pretty themed and lacking of terrain effects. It would be nice if it's nighttime and lanterns could light up the Market.I'd like to see more bend and broken lightning too. Like some Skritt Caves have bend and broken divinity's lanterns. They would go well with a spooky theme too.I wish to see more types of lightning like underwater Quaggan cave lanterns and heck.. Starting about quaggans...There are many things I can sum up what would be creative but it's up to the developers of this game to make the choices.

Of Course it's hectic with COVID-19 and I wish everyone a safe and wealthy life ensured and godspeed to all the people stuck at homes, at least we have Guild Wars 2!I like to hear other people's ideas and input in what they want to be achieved in getting a purdy hall and know how to decorate.


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