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A couple of mount rotating keys bugs

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Forgive me if these has been mentioned before, but i've come across a couple of bugs that occasionally still happen to me.

The first comes with the 'stickiness' of the rotating keys (default keys A and D), in that when on a mount, occasionally the mount will continuously attempt to spin in a single direction after that key is no longer being pressed, and sometimes continues even when pressing that key again and letting go or attempting other movements as well. Usually it takes quite a few keypresses to stop the mount from spinning endlessly. This has happened across multiple computers, varying from mac and windows, so it doesn't seem a hardware issue or an operating system issue.

The second is that occasionally, for a few seconds after mounting up, when using the rotating keys, the mount will travel in that direction as opposed to simply rotating. The behaviour goes away after a few seconds and the mount returns to rotating instead of moving, which also seems like a bug as the behaviour is inconsistent and reverts to what is seemingly normal.

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