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[EU] LFG (Semi-Hardcore PVE, Raids, Fractal, open world content) Local-time UTC+3


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Hello guys!I am looking for a friendly guild that I can have fun playing the game with, I am interested in the PVE content as I have never played a Raid before and would love to experience the Raids, high level fractals and other stuff like guild missions etc...I am not your "Knows everything" kind of player, but I have been playing the game since the release though. I main Mesmer and I played it since the beta and stress tests. I have spent most of my time playing solo in gw2 and so little time with one guild that I don't recall their name atm. I got the legendary Twilight, and I am fully geared with ascended armor and trinkets. Would love to join a friendly community that plays the game for fun "Without screaming at each other" and clear some content ofc :)

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