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Replace Mirage Phantasms with new skills


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My idea is that the Mirage shouldn't be able to summon phantasms anymore as they don't get any benefits from this elite specialization.You all probably know the second greatsword skill from the ranger ->Maul.My idea is that the Mirage summons a spectral creature with each phantasm skill which hovers behind the mirage and attacks together with them.So just literally like the Maul skill from the ranger.Here's a link to the official artwork from Kekai Kotaki which he drew for the mesmer -> https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/File:Mesmer_01_concept_art.jpgThat's the spectral creature which should show up behind the mesmer.

As an example: When you use skill #5 with you sword offhand as a mirage you use the spear attack of the spear phantasm with your right hand and the creature does the exact same thing with it's left hand.The greatsword #4 skill could just be an attack chain with claws similar to the attacks of the new awakened anubis creatures from PoF.

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