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Guild Wide Mail


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Hello!I know that you guys don't have a dedicated guild team but we really need this feature.I've been a guild leader for 4 years now and from time to time people would become inactive ,to have 100 inactives in a 300 members guild doesn't look good for the new members so I have to remove inactives but i hate to do it because I remember the times we spent together and many of them come back sometimes.Eveytime when I kicked an inactive I sent a mail for the reason and that they are welcome to come back ,imagine how hard it is to send 100 mails and you have the 5 mails(I think) restriction ,it takes a lot of time. Another thing is that some members ,mostly new ones, fail to see guild announcements for missions ,events etc. ,a guild wide mail would make that so easy,even the offline ones can see when they login. Maybe there are better ideas than a guild wide mail,maybe something like an announcement thing but it must be something that is by default checked by everyone and not missed. Is it a possibility?Do you guys have better ideas?

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