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Can we PLEASE have some QoL improvements?


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I don't care about whatever damage or healing numbers, I care about improved functionality that makes weapons and skills useful and usable...

Druid still needs love... Please mend our broken hearts?

I was super excited to run dagger/dagger Soulbeast, but it underperforms by miles compared... After 8 years I'm so meh about running LB/GS as the go to better performing set-up in wvw… And over time, the Soulbeast spec is just becoming a slightly better core ranger with no real identity. Please work on those daggers so maybe we can have a option of using them in pvp modes and so we can have a functional condi melee AoE spec?

  • Even if these ideas https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/568/daggers-need-redo-and-backstab don't work, could the team at least consider reworking daggers so players can load up the Soulbeast spec and feel like a wild beast (OR LIKE X-MEN WOLVERINE???) that leaps into battle and tears apart foes ? Like making all weapon skills highly mobile with target tracking dash and leap attacks that can chase down and pressure targets... Think of a ferocious, fast, and fearless tiger on the hunt for the rework on daggers, not the players waving around a fly swatter?

I get better results using other profession condi builds in wvw. Stinks. Please love here too?

EDIT-ALTERNATE TRAP IDEAS--------------------------------------------


  • Give back throwable traps (as a standard function, not trait related) to this profession. Only this profession. 900 range option.
  • Reevaluate the damage and cc on these so they are a lil more impactful.
  • Considering the Trapper Expertise Trait has a Boon buff... “Boons and conditions caused by your traps last 60% longer.”, perhaps we could add some Boons.



  • Causes Torment on trigger. Gain Might AND Stun Break on skill use (not trap trigger). OPTION- Up to 900 range ground target.


  • Causes Daze on trigger. Gain Stability AND Stun Break on skill use (not trap trigger). OPTION- Up to 900 range ground target.


  • Causes Blindness on trigger. Gain Fury AND Stun Break on skill use (not trap trigger). OPTION- Up to 900 range ground target.


Love for animals?


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This has been slammed over and over again with 8 years worth of threads and no real improvement. I mean it goes all the way back to the release of the game with some of these issues (pets for example). The first attempt to fix things and a major overhaul of improving ranger resulted in the Aquaman patch. We got buffed to fight underwater. Everything with druid has been nerfed since it's release, I mean quite literally, it's been a 100% nerf - even receiving continual nerfs through all the path of fire ridiculousness.

I see all of you making threads with good suggestions of what to change, what needs work, how to improve things and it has done and amounted to nothing. I'm not saying ranger and all its forms don't work at all, but things like druid, core ranger spirits, pre-hot pet skills and abilities to track moving targets, as well as the F2 skills, need a major overhaul.

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