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[NA] [Raid] New Static Focused on Farm!

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Hey there, folks! o/ I'm Wes/Beast Roll, and if you recognize me, you probably know me from commanding Istan Farms. What you probably didn't know about me is that I'm also an avid raider since 2017, and recently completed all raid achievements back in January!

Today, I'm excited to share with y'all some exciting news. I will, under the banner and support of the [n00bs] guild structure (featuring many teams that raid on various nights), and with the nudge of several people's DMs, form a new raid team meeting on Fridays! (6-8PM Pacific, 9-11PM Eastern)

Team Barnstorm is going to be focused strictly on farming raid content for gold, but doing so casually. That means, for the one night of the week we meet, we will do content marked by Call of the Mists bonuses first, then using whatever remaining time clearing as much as possible from wings 4,1, and the first boss of 6. By being in the n00bs network, you'll also be given the opportunity to fill for other teams that might need a helping hand on their raid nights!

In order to meet this goal, there is going to be a set of prerequisites I expect to be filled by incoming recruits:

  • Have at least 1 clear in all bosses from all wings. No CM clears required.

  • Be especially experienced with Wing 7: The Key of Ahdashim. Since this wing will always be Call of the Mists, we will be farming this wing every single week. Be ready to perform roles such as Rifle Kite on Qadim 2 or add duty on Sabir.

  • Have at least one meta Power DPS and at least one meta Condi DPS. (I may expect a demonstration in the Aerodrome unless I have personally witnessed your performances before.)

  • Have a chill mentality. We're not speedrunning; just farming clears for gold and having a good time doing it. If there's leftover time to do more wings after the bonus ones, great! If not, please don't complain about it.

If this looks like something you'd be interested in, send me a DM in Discord at Wes#2118 and we will work out the details! I hope to see you in the Aerodrome sometime!

Update: The team roster is now 8/10 full! Reserve your spot on the team before we fill up!

Update: The core support roles have been assigned and I only need 2 DPS players now.

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