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Dragonhunter Bugs in Pvp

Khang Xithyl.1742

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In the 63 games of rank I have played there seems to be some reoccurring bugs that I have experienced.

First with Spear of Justice when I pull a target they will come to me. It will visually show this, but a moment afterwards they will be about 100 range away as if the pull ended up being short.The second is with Spear of Justice is sometimes when I will pull a target onto Test of Faith the trap will not trigger.

The second series of issues revolve around Test of Faith.The first is people will step onto it and it will just disappear.The second issue is people will freely walk through the trap taking no damage. No they are not dodging, teleporting, or a terrian issue.

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@Ragnarox.9601 said:well who cares, they killed all dps specs for guardian(dh and fb) so pick yourself a staff and ready to support/ heal, and even that its garbage atm. here you go, your best class now.

What is funny is DH was supposed to be the dmg/burst spec of guard, but core can do higher bursts and FB can do more dmg over time with WAY more sustain and group support. Outside of cheese burn zerg builds that is in WvW.

To the OP, yes, I have had these issues, GW2 has been having some bad lag and player sync (yes, even in PvP), which seems to cause a delay in player position updating, get a friend to test out with when you are experiencing this, pull them into a trap and if it does not trigger, have them jump. Once they do you will often see the trap trigger as the player position gets updated. Another odd issue with this is some times when they jump, they don't always remain in the trap, sometimes they will (on your screen at least), port outside of the trap, but the trap will still trigger for some reason and from my testing, the other player doesn't take dmg.

Second test is to jump yourself (dont move after), then have them do the same, place trap, then tether and pull, I have found that in most cases this will result in proper triggering of the trap....However good luck asking your opponent to oblige this request once in real combat.

I have had (in WvW mind you), pulled and pushed someone through 3 sides of the trap only to have them take no dmg, the trap will trigger however, so it's a big skill on CD now. If it didn't trigger the trap when it doesn't apply dmg at least you have a trap down still you can work with.

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