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[EU][Raids] Looking for a raid/training guild!


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28 year old guy from finland looking for a friendly guild which does weekly raids/trainings. I have cleared some of the bosses so far and atm i have 38LI and eternal title. Im hungry to learn more and thats why i wanna get better and better and do rest of the bosses! Been also playing gw2 from the start. So yes.. long time veteran here. Been focusing mostly on t4 fractals/cm:s lately and pvp but i wanna start to get raiding again.

Experience with raids:

  • Currently 38LI
  • Eternal title
  • Killed the whole wing 1 many times
  • Killed every boss on wing 3 and 4 except the last bosses(deimos and xera)
  • Haven't tried wing 2 yet
  • Killed some of the wing 5 bosses(soulless horror, statues and river)

What can i offer currently?

  • Warrior/BS full ascended power and condi gear(my main).
  • Guardian full ascended power.
  • Necromancer full ascended power and condi gear.
  • Engineer full ascended power.
  • Thief full ascended power.
  • Revenant full ascended power, alacrene and ofc the ventari healer/hand kite

Also every specialization is unlocked with both expansions and i have others classes too full ascended, but i dont raid much with those.

And also for the last and most important... Guy with a good humour here.. :lol:

Reply here or ingame mail please: nikkee.9026



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