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Should F3 on core, DH and FB innately be a stunbreak?


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@NorthernRedStar.3054 said:Isn't the whole point rewarding a well-timed F3 activation on core (and DH)? Non-traited stunbreak just makes it another free out-of-jail card.

No it is not. Core VoC only provides one aegis, without taking both virtue line and its major GM trait. It is fucking useless if you do not use virtues. DH has 0.25 sec activation. If you are not using virtues, you cannot use it while stunned. But it is highly unlikely to be interrupted. So “well timed” is not really a thing here.

SoC is good as is. VoC is garbage. Long time ago, in a galaxy far away, when core guardian was a thing, the suggestion was to either give it another effect or cut the CD significantly. Now, it does not matter. Even if it provides stun break, that is not really enough for it to stand alone. DH does not care, since you already use virtues. Core cannot currently drop virtues since VoC, as it stands, is the only stability available.

When core or DH can deal damage, to be playable in PvP, we can deal with changes like these. Right now, the issues are so much deeper than having VoC providing a CC break. That does not matter at all.

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@"mrauls.6519" said:Core virtues should have 2 charges each

With 45 sec CD? I think that will work. I think also VoJ should have 2 charges. It will be much better but still 2 issues remain

Not running virtues still leaves VoC obsolete.Core guardian lacks the damage to pose any threat.

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