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How to play burn FB?


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I was wondering a rotation or priority for FB. It seems like with 8 charges, tomes can become my main weapon, sprinkling in axe/torch until the fire tome is back up. With a few changes with the FB line, it seems like axe/torch is my weapon outside of swapping to a defensive tome, or Scepter/focus for defense and kiting.

I was just wonder what the consensus was for how to focus on applying burns on top of weaving in quickness (if specced for it). I guess the real question is focus on tomes or quickness upkeep.

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On the PVE side, the meta build is focused mostly on applying burns. This is under the assumption that a support chrono will be beside you giving everyone quickness. With that said, the rotation looks like this:

1: Mantras. Though they cost no time to cast, charging them up is first priority. Never consume the last charge unless you really need it. Just cast them once every 10 seconds to trigger Ashes of the Just and The Superior Rune of Balthazar proc.

2: From there, you want to blow your weapon cooldowns first. Axe 2, throw torch 4 whenever it is up, Scepter 2. Basically, throw down your symbols.

3: Use the tome of justice. Use skill 2, then 4, then 5, then spam 1 until skill 2 is up again. Usually you can use skill 2 twice before the tome goes off cooldown.

From there you just repeat alternating between using weapon skills and using the tome. If Renewed Focus is free to use, you can use it after using your weapon skills again, but a lot of people like to use it as a defensive skill. The rotation seems simple, but it is a bit harder than it looks, since there are a lot of balls to juggle.

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