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Store rotations

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@Kestrain.7230 said:

@Randulf.7614 said:There's no real pattern. If it was recent though, it's likely going to be a few months

I think it was a short flash sale maybe? Cause I got back into the game at the end of Feb and have logged in every day except like, March 18th and 19th as I was out of town before we got Quarantined ;-;

Like I said, there's no pattern. The biggest chance comes during their more regular sales. For example their Anniversary one in August. There is literally no accurate way of knowing when something is coming back to the store whatsoever

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@Kestrain.7230 said:

@"Friday.7864" said:Ask for it here:
Two things went on sale within two weeks of me asking.Third one took over a month (discounted name change)

That Shaman on Twitter does data mining btw so if you follow him you'll know what will be on sale for up to a week or two in advance ;PGl

I uhhh

I'm permbanned from Twitter :x but good to know!

He also posts on reddit

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