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Ranger LFG [EU][sPvP only][Casual/Mixed]


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Hi, my IGN is "Trendy.1694"

I'm looking for casual/mixed sPvP only guild to train and play. I recently started playing game again after ~2Y break. Used to be competitive Ranger player in GW1 and now willing to be Ranger + Any 2nd prof needed for team. I'm generally around at 9-11 pm GMT for couple of hours and can participate in team practices on agreed schedule few days a week.

If your team is jsut gather or looking to exand for another squad, count me in, I will pick it up on request and start practicing, PM me in game or send message here, if you are looking for player.


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If you are still looking for a guild, feel free to join us for some games. We are currently 3-5 players online around your prefered playtime everyday and we usually play some unranked games, also looking forward to do daily ATs if we have the numbers.

In terms of Skillrange it is pretty much mixed, some beginners or returning players but also some with ESL experience.

Really chilled atmosphere so feel free to give it a try :)

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